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And by us, I mean myself

I'm an Art Director and Photographer by day, and general all around creative by night. Dark Circle Design is the collective representation of my creative works as both a designer and photographer. I always try to have my work speak for itself, and for me, when it comes to showcasing my determination to exceed my client's expectations, but sometimes even that isn't enough, so I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you a little more about myself and my passion.

I absolutely love creativity, in all its wonderful and inspirational forms. And it is with that appreciation and the drive to consistently push the boundaries of my own creative capabilities, that I strive to make each interaction and project a completely unique and creatively fine tailored result. I have been designing for over 5 years and have over a decade of experience in photography.  

I carry a degree from the Art Institute of California in Advertising and have had a diverse exposure of the advertising industry from both the account services and creative perspectives, giving me a greater understanding of the full framework of the advertising development process.  Though my primary focus is in advertising and branding, I am also specialized in crafting and designing graphics for conventions and tradeshows when it comes developing their visual identity, collateral, signage and program guides.

When searching for a creative individual to join any team, it's always important to find someone who can take on their fair share and are willing and able to do what is needed. I sincerely welcome the chance to prove to you that I am that creative individual and that I'm up to any task or challenge.

Thanks and please feel free to contact me if there is anything I can do or answer for you.

- Evan James IV


Evan James IV 
Art Director / Photographer 

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